Our Research Team


György Marko-Varga, Professor
Head of Div. Clinical Protein Science & Imaging
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Lund University
Biomedical Center, BMC D13
SE-221 84 Lund, Sweden
Tel: +46-46-222 37 21
Fax: + 46-46-222 45 27
Mobil: +46-70-3567080
e-mail: gyorgy.marko-varga@bme.lth.se


György Marko-VargaJohan Malm
ProfessorProfessor, MD


Roger AppelqvistHenrik LindbergHenriett Kovácsné OskolásZsolt Horvath
Project Manager, PhDBiobank Manager, PhDHead of BiobankIT Manager

Melinda RezeliLázaro H. Betancourt NuñezJeovanis Gil ValdésAniel Sánchez Puente
Senior Researcher, PhDSenior Researcher, PhDSenior Researcher, PhDSenior Researcher, PhD

Elisabet WieslanderMatilda Marko-VargaEthan Gerendas
Senior Researcher, PhDLab TechnicianSocial media coordinator


Beáta Szeitz
MSc. Analytical Chemistry


Indira Pla Parada Magdalena Kuras Jessica de Siqueira Guedes Natália Almeida
Bioinformatician, PhDBiomedicine PhDChemistry
Nicole Woldmar
Biochemistry PhD


Peter HorvatovichKrzysztof Pawlowski
Senior Researcher, PhD Senior Researcher, PhD


Toshihide NishimuraBalazs DömeHo Jeong KwonA. Marcell Szasz
Professor, MDProfessor, MDProfessorAssociate Professor, MD

Quotes from some of our team members:

“Of course the most important goal is to help the patients survive the cancer. That’s the final goal, and if you can even be a small part in reaching that goal it is very important.” – Istvan Nemth

“I think that we focus on the patient. For instance, mass spec is such a technical thing, but all the things that we have to work with here are just tools to answer biological questions so we can help the patient. ” – Magdalena Kuras

“I really hope that we will be able to get developments within our center to develop a treatment or be part of a treatment that can be implemented for patient use. That is the absolute goal.” – Gyorgy Marko-Varga

“This is a big effort. So if we a big step forward in the fight against cancer, whether it is diagnosis or treatment. Through cooperation as well, that is going to be huge.” – Lazaro Betancourt

“We are trying to get scientists working together in a different way. Of course, there are a lot of scientists working together today, but there are also a lot of scientists who do not cooperate and keep it for themselves. So it’s a new way for us to get the science together.”- Roger Appleqvist