Lund, Sweden – On Wednesday, May 8th the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center will be hosting an open house of our facilities at D13 – Klinikgatan 32. Located in the impressive Bio-Medical Center building of the University of Lund, our labs are the home to top research and medical staff, as well as state of the art equipment by ThermoFisher, Agilent, and Liconic. The lab also is the home to our state of the art Liconic STC ULT -8o degrees robotized freezer with space for 5 million blood/plasma/serum samples, the first of it’s kind.

The European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center would like to open our labs to the public, medical companies, and those in the health care industry to allow people the opportunity to see first hand how one of the premier cancer research teams in the world operates. The event will take place from 12:30-18:00, and will give visitors the chance to meet researchers and staff of the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center, see what our scientist do during the research process, and be shown state of the art research tools and equipment and how it works.

75% of talks will be given in Swedish while the remaining 25% will be in English. We are looking forward to this event and hope to receive both public and professional output from our visitors, and national and international exposure as well.

Abstract deadline: October 8th

We are excited to welcome you to Lund and the 17th SPS Symposium.

The theme of the meeting is focused on Structural Proteomics one of the interesting and rapidly growing fields within the Proteomics community.

Our aim of the 17th Symposium is to bring participants together with expertise within the structural protein science, health care field, and Proteomics scientists to interact and to build new cross functional links.

A poster session will provide the opportunity to present the latest results from your lab. We encourage especially young scientists to participate in the meeting and there will be a prestigious award for the best poster.

During September 2018 European Cancer Moonshot Lund will attend the following events:

21st – 24th of Sept
Fight cancer – bike 600 km in 4 days with Team BEWiSynbra and Cancer Moonshot

A four day cycling, hosted by Team BEWiSynbra, between Törring in Denmark and Oldenzaal in Holland (600 kilometers) will be arranged on 21st – 24th of September with employees from BEWiSynbra Group and representatives from Cancer Moonshot to pay attention to Cancer Moonshot and Joe and his friends.

Everyone is welcome to support this event, either by following Team BEWiSynbra on social media or visiting on the way. Postings and updates with comments from the participants will be made regularly.

Team BEWiSynbra is an initiative by BEWiSynbra Group to support important projects. First and foremost, it isabout biking together to donate surplus to charities.

Cancer Moonshot is an international project initiated by former US vice president Joe Biden after his son died of cancer. The European part of the project consists of a hand-picket research team that drives international research in the field of clinical protein science. The project will increase knowledge about the role of proteins in the development of cancer, which is central in understanding cancer diseases.

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30 th Sept – 4th Oct 17th
Human Proteome Organization World Congress

Program of the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Symposium May 23rd

Program European Cancer Moonshot LUND Center Summit_Final – 23 rd May 2018

Introduction by Eve Kelly

Please see the following sessions 1-5: